Award categories

The following Category list has been developed with the help of OT professionals, whose views were co-ordinated by Monica Iofciu. We are extremely grateful for the informed input received.

Category descriptions are not overburdened with wordy criteria, as we believe in not being too prescriptive, preferring you to tell your story in your own way for the judges. We also believe that if you are an OT professional you will know exactly what the categories call for as entries.

All we ask is that you use the basic template of headings in your submission document. This helps the judges when comparing entries and it helps the marking system by allowing allocations of marks to each sector of a submission to be used consistently. We may still refine the template requirements based on feedback from th OT sector.

The following categories are open to any company or provider of OT services


Professional Practice categories

Excellence in paediatrics
Excellence in adult practice
Excellence with older adults
Best major adaptations
Best rehab and reablement
Excellence with mental health
Excellence with neuro
Excellence with learning disabilities
Excellence with long term conditions
Excellence in generic roles
Best Covid intervention
Best vocational rehab service
Best community services
Best partnership
Best integrated service
Best rapid response
Excellence in emerging roles
Excellence in charity sector
Expert witness


Supplier categories

Best equipment provider
Best equipment innovation
Excellence in telecare
Excellence in software and software development
Excellence in technology
Best manual handling trainer
Best specialist trainer
Most effective social media influencer


Effectiveness categories

Best online resources
Excellence in research
Best OT university course
Best recruiter
Best employer
Bright new star
Most innovative practice
Best independent practice

Deadline for entries: February 29 2024

Time is always precious and sometimes writing an entry submission is one of those jobs put off until the last moment. For a helping hand to write your awards entries contact:

Please note that Boost Awards is a completely independent company that specialises in preparing Awards’ submissions. There is no financial relationship between the Occupational Therapy Excellence Awards Awards and Boost Awards. The advice you receive from Boost is confidential.